Thursday, October 8, 2009

$15,000 Raised to Date - Thank You Mailia's angels who are making her Miracle possible!

It is hard to express how humbled and blessed Max, Mailia and I feel right now. Everyday, a new blessing comes to us in a note or call of encouragement from a stranger, a visit from a dear friend or a donation to our daughter.

No one would ever wish any disease or malady upon their child or anyone else's, and a very strange way Mailia's condition has been a blessing in our lives. Through has taught us so much. So many lessons to take with us on our journey together and to share with others.

What I mean by this is that we are continuously reminded that Mailia's journey is not about her. While our ultimate goal is to see her live a normal life, her's I believe is a journey for humanity. A million candles can burn from the light of just one single flame. That magnificent light never snuffs out, but burns eternally in the hearts of all who believe and have faith...or even those of us who are simply curious.

Mailia's journey is about others lighting Mailia's way and helping her along her path. In turn she is able to quietly cast a golden ray of hope for humanity by holding true to her vision.

Our community, family and friends have supported her, faithfully igniting the wick of her life waxing love, faith, compassion and encouragement for each baby step of progress we pray she will make.

We wish to acknowledge the follwing individuals, families, businesses and organizations who are Mailia's angels and heroes for their generosity and financial support to date. If your donation was "Anonymous" it is either your wish to be anonymous or because we did not have access to your details so please contact us to add your name...thanks so much!

$ 15,020.79 as of 10/08/09

Individuals and Families:

Virginia Lindahl***Lois & Lon Alexander***Ray Gerk
Byron & Eileen Lesher***Duane Neely***Roy Wiprud
Thomas Stephenson***Daryl Boyle***Carl Connell
Sandra Jewell***Van Speers***Kelly Sullivan
Kendra Goss & Chris Mydock

John & Janet Goforth***John & Kathy Riordan***Janette Lesher
Ramona Torres***Ronald & Diane Lacher***Denise & Marty Farian
Fran LeClaire & Nick Enders***Tamara Deutsch
Jerry & Carol Parker***Harrison Gibbs***Jeanie Dixon

Phil & Mary Raekes***Pat McKenna***Elizabeth & Kenneth Lewis
Hahn Family***Alan & Kathy Rither***Janice & Paul Haigh
Roger Rohrbacher***Terry Yearust***Alma Cahn
Sally & Bob Phillips***Maurice & Susanne White***Curtis DeOlivera

Judy & Dave Sheldon***Patricia Styris***Janet Davis
Patricia & Dale Wood***Georgia & Jack Gannon***Bob Parmley
Mirna Contreras***Bernice Bemers***Joseph Cleppe
James Young***Margit Spadt***Shirley Larson***Mary Perkins

Steven Doctor***David Randall***Linda Eggers***Linda Proctor
Sue Rhoads***Shirley Taylor***Kathy Kilbury
Edward Robbins***Virginia Polster***Peggy Dale
Linda Cowdry***Thelf DiWeber***Ben Garrity***Shirley Nilson

Elizabeth Kalkwarf***Monte Gills***Harry Parton
Terry Holden***Thu Vo***Janice Haigh***Linda Williams
Shauna Anderson***Dave Haggerty***Tamara Deutsch
K.C. Brooks***Tom Lear***Gene Cook

Businesses & Organizations:

Thomas Grandbois
Multimedia & Web Site Production


Tri City Herald
Michelle Dupler - Reporter

Grace United Reformed Church
2904 West 4th
Kennewick, WA 99336
LifeTime Dental Care
Dr. Michael Brier & Staff
2469 Queensgate Drive
Richland, WA 99352

Tri-City Dust Devils Baseball Club
6200 Burden Blvd.
Pasco, WA. 99301

Wal-Mart Heart Program
Tom Lear & Gene Cook

Jensen Bookeeping Service
262 Pioneer Road
Connell, WA. 99326
Dian Patterson
Directed Potential Coaching, Training & Hypotherapy
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
LouAnn Hug
Benton-Franklin Volunteer Center
900 S. Dayton St., Suite B
Kennewick, WA 99336