Monday, March 29, 2010

Fox News in Portland Interviews Dr. Julia Robirds for Mailia's Miracle

On Saturday March 27, 2010, KPTV Fox News did a story about Dr. Julia Robirds from Portland, Oregon who we wrote about in our previous blog post.  Reporter Ronna Sweeney and her crew interviewed Dr. Robirds and quickly ran her so compelling and from the heart.

It really shines a beacon of light on our experience and reminds me, one more time, how truly fortunate we are to have people like Dr. Robirds and her incredible staff giving of their tallent, time and resources to help Mailia.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Portland Oregon Dentist and Staff To Hold Benefit Fundraiser April 17th 2010 for Mailia's Miracle!


Dr. Julia Anne Robirds D.M.D.
General Practice
13908 SE Stark St Suite D
Portland , OR - 97233

Hello Andrea, Max and Mailia...this is a picture of my office staff.  They have all agreed that they would like to help with a fundraiser for "Mailia's Miracle".

This was an incerpt from an incredible and gracious letter we received a week ago from Dr. Julia Robirds and her staff....ALL THE WAY FROM PORTLAND OREGON!!!!  We met Julia and her husband Kelly back in January when they came to inquire about a Mini Aussie puppy we had available and that Mailia had been caring for.  Little Cowboy, pictured below...came to us at a time of uncertainty as he was not planned.  But trusting that there would be a higher purpose to his coming into this world at this time, we now know what his gift to us, Julia and Kelly and Mailia...truly is.  A gift of concious healing.

Cowboy has become Kelly's shadow and constant companion and now, the catalyst for something so very big with Dr. Julia Robirds and her wonderful staff offering to work a Saturday (April 17th 2010) with proceeds of that benefit Mailia's Miracle.  They have also been selling "Miracle Money" which are coupons that cost their patients $50 and each coupon has a $100 value and can be used towards cleaning appointments in their office.  And as they state on their flier...This is a great opportunity to save money and help a child in need at the same time!

Our heartfellt thanks go out to Dr. Julia Robirds and her staff, Virginia, Eduardo, Colleen, Amie and Anahi for giving selflessly and graciously to help Mailia. We pray you will be blessed and happy to know, your efforts and caring so that Mailia can get her stem cell therapy and the means to her miracle do mean the world to us and we appreciate it so.  Please give your patients a extra thank you for their support...they too...ROCK!



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Sweet 16 Today Mailia!

On this 9th day of were born into this world and graced our family with such love and happiness. There is not a day that has gone by...that we acknowledge you and are so very grateful to be a part of your incredible life.

Today...we celebrate your special day with seeing a beautiful sunrise and what looks to be a gorgeous sunny day just for you. You have not ventured out of the house since last is time and per your wish today, to head to town...maybe to the mall, to lunch and a movie. To get some fresh air and see things from your perspective...and definitely, count our blessings.

Thank you sweetie...for allowing us to share this precious day with you and we thank God...for the miracle that you are and will always be.

We love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mailia!

Mom and Dad