Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Recap of 2009 and What 2010 Shall Bring For Mailia's Ongoing Miracle

Greetings everyone…Our apologies for being out of touch relaying updates on Mailia’s blog. We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday…as we did. We have so much to be grateful for. There have been so many inquiries as to how Mailia is doing. Mailia had been sick with a very strange and severe viral bug she came down with in Nov/Dec. that landed her in the hospital in need of some additional support due to her coughing up blood from the lung bleeds she would experience. Very scary stuff for us, but in light of this…she was able to get through this healing crisis and is now doing much better.

This past year, after starting this blog and Mailia’s Miracle…it was our intention and desire to maintain this web site not only as a means to help Mailia with our fundraising efforts but also for others who would follow, maybe baptized by fire as we were and looking for the means of creating a miracle to save their life or the life of a loved one. It was to be our way of giving back. Through this experience we think Mailia is a pioneer among many…and through her journey, she will be healed through a beautiful miracle and become a great inspiration to many through sharing her story to help champion financial support for others found in need of a life saving stem cell therapy possibly through a non profit designated primarily for adult stem cells.

When we get e-mails or are contacted by folks…even now, searching as we have and continue to do on the internet for anything new in the realms of technology or medical science to help themselves or their children or loved ones, it gives us so much joy and inspiration to know that we could help…that by you being here too…supporting Mailia, that you are also contributing to their miracle. It is huge blessing for all.

We still encourage and would like to remind folks to research adult stem cell therapy. A site we continue to espouse and follow for updates on a weekly basis is called We hope Mailia’s success story will be featured and supported on his site as well this coming year.

So to sum up this past year we would like to say it was a time in which we were full of gratitude….grateful that Mailia has made it this far and continues to blossom into a beautiful young lady despite her challenges…she prefers to be seen as a normal happy child…still a kid at heart. Grateful for the windows of opportunity presented her from her doctors, surgeons and researchers on ground breaking therapies and treatment. Grateful for the opportunity to personally meet Dr. Zannos Grekos and the staff of Regenocyte and to also connect with heart surgeon Dr. Michael Black from San Francisco. Grateful to the news media for capturing and reporting Mailia’s story. Grateful for the outpouring of support from family, friends, folks behind the scenes who were generous with their time and financial resources in helping us raise funds to pay for her future stem cell transplant and therapies. But grateful also in advance…for all the incredible help and resources that are yet to come, in fulfilling Mailia’s desire to be well and live a happy life.

As we look to the new year and what the possibilities are for 2010, we can’t help but be optimistic and will gear back up to our getting Mailia’s Miracle shared with everyone in hopes that her message, story and need will be the catalyst for a beautiful miracle. We are not just praying and asking for this miracle to happen…we are all going to make it happen!

Please check back from time to time during the year, to check our updates to this blog and we humbly and graciously ask for your continued support and prayers for Mailia. There are plans for more fundraising events and requests for assistance in getting Mailias Miracle out to as many folks as possible. But most importantly we wish to share with you the heart warming events that we know and trust will come.

Thanks for being part of Mailia's Miracle! All our love, gratitude and blessings for a prosperous New Year!

The Goforths

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