Saturday, April 24, 2010

$43,000 Raised to Date! - Mailia's Miracle "Night of Hope" a HUGE Success

Jesica Dawsey, Mailia & SteelDust
Max, Mailia and I wish to recognize and thank everyone for coming out last night to Mailia's Miracle "Night of Hope" benefit fundraiser and to also thank all the volunteers, businesses and generous donors who contributed to this event and the live and silent auction.  We were blessed with raising over $11,715.00 last night for Mailia's Adult Stem Cell Therapy.

We wish to convey, that this event was not all about Mailia…but about the sense of generosity, compassion and love that a very special little girl can inspire. By having spent the evening with us, you will be blessed with the knowledge that you have made Mailia…so very happy and that you are a part of an ongoing miracle. To see her smile, to see her so very happy last night...we can only hope you know how much that means to us. Thank you!
We know while Mailia’s personal courage and strength have played a significant part in this ongoing miracle, it is the prayers, encouragement and ongoing support of many folks who have made this possible.

Last night...was no exception.
I wish to explain what may have inspired you to be here. Right after Christmas…I ran in to an old friend at the grocery store, Kolin Dawsey and we got to talking about Mailia. Right away…Kolin said he would like to introduce us to his wife Jesica…and before we knew what hit us…Jesica asked if we would allow her to do a fundraiser to benefit Mailia’s Miracle.

With experience in the fundraising arena…Jesica took the bull by the horns and started down the path to pull together, an incredible team of volunteers and angels. She solicited help from friends Tassie and Tammi. She and her angels asked for donations from individuals and businesses. She brain stormed on a daily basis…some nights, losing sleep worrying about the fundraiser.  But she perservered and came through with a beautiful and successful event.  We commend her highly on her integrity, hard work and dedication...she is a true inspiration that anyone can do great things...if they set their minds and heart to it.  Thank you Jesica...we love you and Kolin dearly!

Jesica also connected with the MissyG Band, John and Missy Guthrie, and they graciously accepted her invitation to play for our benefit and to help Mailia.  Missy to us...sounds like Emy Lou Harris and has such a beautiful voice and her band members are wonderful musicians.  Thank you so much for your beautiful gift to Mailia...we will always cherish your songs.

A good friend of the Missy G band, Kristine Webb who's business is "Clutter and More…was also responsible for helping in a huge way with decorations and finding willing participants.  Kristine will always have a special place in our hearts...thank you!

Kristine then connected us with Profesional Videographers Marti and Mike Greif, from Everlasting Video Memories and asked if they would consider doing a video montage about Mailia’s Miracle and her journey.  This video, which will be found on Mailia's web site...was played for everyone during the benefit dinner.  Mike and Marti…we owe you such a huge debt of gratitude. Your ability to capture this personal glimpse into our lives and that of Mailia’s plight and story is truly appreciated. We thank you so very much!  The video is beautiful and one we will always cherish!

Amy Raye LeMasters…has been an integral part in helping us get the word out about Mailia’s Miracle in the community with public service announcements. To be the Emcee to help with this event…and all the advertising through her radio station 94.9FM The Wolf... and affiliate stations…we wish to recognize and thank her so very much, for affording us the opportunity and for bringing Patricia LaBelle who donated her time proceeds as well.  Thank you sweetie...we love you!

To the owners and staff from Eagle Printing, we owe them so much for their services.  Chris Steel has been around this fundraising block…more times than I can count. But they too…have played such an instrumental part in helping Mailia’s Miracle touch the world. Chris is a wonderful and neat lady…she has a knack of knowing what to say to make your day a whole lot brighter. Her laugh is contagious…her light…is one of the brightest I have seen!  Thank very much!

Web Master extraordinaire…Thomas Granbois…a dear soul who has built Mailia’s Miracle web site and blog…and assisted us from a technical standpoint…to you, we thank you are our angel! Mailia’s web site has been an important conduit to sharing information about Mailia’s condition, her potential therapies and outcomes with thousands of other people around the world looking for answers…and will afford us a means to reach out for help for Mailia…and others.

Mailia’s caregiver Ramona Torres…you know how much we love and value you and your wonderful family. Your taking Mailia’s care so personally…and to heart…treating her as one of your own, means the world to us too. I hope you will always know…how much you truly mean to us and how grateful we are for being a part of Mailia’s life.  Gracias...te quermos muchisimo!

To the staff of the Shilo Inn…, D.J. Dave from Riverside Audio, Auctioneer Doug Swenson and to everyone else, friends, co-workers and family that made time and sacrifices to come meet and support Mailia…thank you so much!

I think in summarizing…Mailia’s spirit reflects she has so much more…to offer this world. Her dad and I have a huge responsibility to her…to see to it that she has the best medical and spiritual assistance to make this life, a reality for her. We don’t have a choice…that is what we are supposed to do. And because of the generosity and support we have from all of you, it will help make it all possible.

We wish for all of you to cherish your loved ones and friends like there was no tomorrow and to live your lives to the fullest by continuing to help one another, and to be true to yourselves.  We will post photos of the event up on Mailia's Miracle Facebook page here shortly.
We love you and humbly thank you.  May God Bless you richly.

Max, Andrea and Mailia

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