Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mailia's Blood Draw a Success at Regenocyte

Mailia's Stem Cells - The Ultimate Gift
Tuesday morning, we were greeted at Regenocyte by Nancy Trombino and Roxanne Pleva who are patient coordinator's at Regenocyte.  Everyone was so thrilled to finally meet Mailia...a young patient who has traveled so far in hopes of reaching her dream of a miraculous healing.

Mailia was very nervous about the procedure and Dr. Grekos and his incredible team of nurses, Michelene and Felicia, were able to talk to Mailia and give her the necessary dialog on what they would be doing, step by order to draw her blood successfully with minimal stress to her body and psyche.

In speaking with Dr. Grekos about our concerns relating to Mailia's previous blood draws via her arm's and how difficult she is to do in this manner, I asked if he would consider doing her blood draw through a femoral pic line through her groin instead.  He agreed to do this validating that it is the parents that know their kids specifics and he is all about listening and taking these things into account.  Boy...big relief!

They preped Mailia in their catherization lab and lightly sedated her while monitoring her heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturations.  Once she settled down...they inserted the line and were able to draw around 30% more blood which for Mailia...means more stem cells we hope.


After Mailia's blood draw, we took her for a good meal to replenish her strength and gave her alot of fluids and supplements to replenish her blood.  She did well, and expressed excitement about finally getting her stem cells.  We also had a wonderful interview with Tri City Herald reporter Michelle Dupler who is doing a follow up article on Mailia's Miracle and her journey now to Florida and the Dominican Republic for stem cell therapy.

Today...we needed to replenish her oxygen once again, so headed to LinCare to exchange 20 empty E tanks for 20 full ones which should last her through the weekend, for we will be planning to check out of our hotel here in Bonita Springs, and head in to Miami this coming Suday.  Our flight to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic will be Monday May 31st...for her scheduled procedure on June 2nd.

We also spent some time this afternoon at the Regenocyte clinic meeting with Dr. Grekos and discussing Mailia's procedure and the options and opportunities this would present for her.  We also had the chance to meet Howard Linderman, a Regenocyte patient who underwent stem cell therapy two years ago.  To hear his story is one of true inspiration and can be seen by clicking the Regenocyte link.  He offered Mailia so much hope and motivated her to stay positive and believe in herself...and her doctors.  She is now...part of their exclusive club!  He offered to teach Mailia how to scuba dive at some point...she told him she already was an accomplished her Wii game "Endless Ocean". 

                  Howard Linderman and Mailia

During our visit with Dr. Grekos and Howard, we also were visited by WINK CBS tv reporter Carlos Suarez who I had contacted to see if their station would be interested in doing a story on Mailia's Miracle and Regenocyte.  More on this...shortly.

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