Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mailia's New Stem Cells, New Cardiologist, New Friend and New Mountain

Dr. Carl Garabedian and Mailia

Follow up is an important part of Mailia’s stem cell therapy and the staff at Regenocyte came through loud and clear on this. It is requested that she be seen for follow up and testing after one month…and subsequently every three months there after.  It is part of the plan laid out for all Regenocyte patients who are now part of a unique club and family.  We are truly grateful for the followup aspect to this therapy...for how else can it be let known, how a patient does and how they ultimately will benefit from their stem cell therapy without historical data to support it?

Sounds good to me...for I know each patient is playing an important role in their individual cases where it concerns their documented progress.  It is part of the protocol...a necessary tool so to speak....but I say look, the proof is in the pudding.  Click on the Regenocyte link and look into the faces of actual people who have been there....and been blessed! 

So with prescription in hand, we set out to find a new Cardiologist closer to home and one that could follow her locally. Mailia’s pediatrician…Dr. Nazar, recommended we touch base with Dr. Carl Garabedian from the NCCHD in Spokane Washington saying that although Mailia has benefited from going all the way to Portland, Oregon to be seen by Dr. Douglas King, her pediatric cardiologist for the past 10 years…that it was time she be followed by an adult cardiologist.

Adult and Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Carl Garabedian comes down to the Tri-Cities a couple of times a month to a satellite clinic…and it was here that we had the opportunity to meet him personally for Mailia’s one month appointment.

He was very interested in meeting Mailia to learn about her procedure…for he told us he had several of his patients wanting “other options” and how open he was…to alternative medical breakthroughs…adult stem cells, being one of them.

We spent a good THREE HOURS with Dr. Garabedian, educating him…going over Mailia’s history, all her medical records and especially her recent trip to Florida and the Dominican Republic. He listened to us, to her heart…spoke kindly to her…he did an ECHO and confirmed that her heart function looked good but no changes…yet, at one month post x-plant.

We mentioned that her three month appointment might be done in San Francisco with heart surgeon Dr. Michael Black to assess her for heart surgery and that we would keep him abreast of her progress.

We thank Dr. Garabedian so very much for kindly affording us this important after care Mailia will require and also, thanked him from a deeper and a higher place that brought us all together to hopefully…make a huge difference in helping others.

Which brings me to a case in point…or something I need to interject or reference now. When I raced home that day from work to pick Mailia up to take her to meet Dr. Garabedian, I stopped at our mail box and found a card that was addressed to her. I handed the card to Mailia as we raced towards town…and she said, Mom! You won’t believe this…you got to see this it is a letter and a donation! I quickly pulled over…and read the following to my utter surprise and astonishment:

Dear Mailia,

My family and I truly hope you are doing well and have you in our prayers. Finding you and hearing about your treatment has given us hope.

My dad has pulmonary fibrosis and his only option was a lung transplant. Because of you we have a new and better option.

Anyway, we are very grateful to you for sharing your story and look forward to seeing your new blogs. I feel in my heart that your treatment will be successful. I hope sometime we have the opportunity to meet you.

We wish you all the best and many blessings.

Shannon, Mario & Martalicia Toranzo

Wow! From their heart…to her heart…to my heart and now to yours. I believe it is God’s plan that we all remain in faith and gratitude. Thank you for allowing me to share this Shannon…and thank you for your generous gift to Mailia’s Miracle, we are truly grateful.

Mailia continues to thrive every day. She gets outside for her daily dose of sunshine, oxygen still in tow as her oxygen saturation levels are still hovering around a lower mid range but one thing she and we do notice, are little bouts of energy here and there. A little more energy. Okay…we will take that as a sign the stem cells are busy doing their job. Building blood vessels in her lungs.

We will continue to monitor her progress and try additional therapies we feel she will benefit from that we will list on her therapies page. Her diet consists of healthy food with lots of organic vegetables and fruit, staying hydrated throughout the day and detoxifying and chelating all of the chemicals like contrast dye she was exposed to during her cath and the CT exams and hospital stay.

I leave you all…with a photo of Mailia and friends Stu Saslow and Allen Minton on top of the summit of Mt. Baker in western Washington this past week. The little “Peak Bagger” has two mountains under her belt now…the stem cells are doing their magic…creating her miracle! Thank you Allen and Stu!! We love you!...and thank you friends and family, for stopping by, and keeping Mailia in your thoughts and prayers!

Love and blessings…

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  1. Mailia - I am Shannon Toranzo's mother. As she told you, my husband Larry has pulmonary fibrosis. We have a conference call scheduled with Dr. Grekos on September 1st and are very excited about it and looking forward to seeing what he has to say. If we hadn't read about your stem cell transplant in the Tri-City Herald we would never have heard about this. Thank you for allowing your story to be told and followed thru your blog. We are sending many prayers and positive thoughts your way, and like our daughter, hope to be able to meet you some day.

    Thank you-
    Cheryl and Larry Runyon