Monday, September 5, 2011

Mailia's Miracle 2nd Annual Night of Hope Fundraiser a Huge Success for her 2nd Round of Adult Stem Cells

Jesica Dawsey & Mailia with proceeds from her 2nd Annual Night of Hope Benefit Fundraiser

Oh dear, I'm Late...I'm Late for a very important date! No time to say "hello", "good-bye" I'm Late, I'm Late I'm Late! I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland...been down in a deep rabbit hole for the past 4 months so will try as best I can to explain and say...oh how I have missed blogging about Mailia!

I wish to start out this update explaining that the reason I have been out of pocket for these past several months is that right after Mailia's benefit fundraiser in April, I was unexpectedly laid off from my job but fortunately was able to connect with a new company that needed help with a short term project, so hence...have been busy working non stop and spending what quality time I can, with Mailia and championing her cause on every front we can.

Our priority right after Mailia's event, was to send out personal "Thank You" cards and letters to everyone who donated their time and resources to make Mailia's Miracle 2nd Annual Night of Hope a huge success, but now, also wish to share our letter of gratitude within Mailia's blog:

Max, Mailia and I wish to recognize and thank everyone for coming out to Mailia's Miracle "2nd Annual Night of Hope" benefit fundraiser and to also thank Jesica Dawsey and all the volunteers, businesses and generous donors who contributed to this event and the live and silent auction. We were blessed with raising over $14,041.00 this year for Mailia's next scheduled therapy of Adult Stem Cells which now brings her benefit fund balance to over $20,000.00!~

We wish to convey, that this event was not all about Mailia…but about the sense of generosity, compassion and love that a very special young lady can inspire. By having been a part of Mailia’s event, you will be blessed with the knowledge that you have made Mailia…so very happy and that you are a part of an ongoing miracle to see her and others healed from Eisenmenger’s Syndrome.
At her event and a year after her first round of stem cells, folks commented how well Mailia is doing and looking compared to the same time last year. To see her smile, to see her so very happy and full of energy...we can only hope you know how much your support means to us and acknowledge she is where she is today because of your help. We humbly…Thank you!

We know while Mailia’s personal courage and strength have played a significant part in this ongoing miracle, it is the prayers, encouragement and ongoing support of many folks who have made this possible.

This event...was no exception.

We owe so much gratitude to Jesica Dawsey for once again, taking time out of her busy life and committing herself to helping Mailia. Jesica’s action sends a message to everyone that taking time for others, and giving from the heart is what truly makes a difference in one’s life…and the lives of others.

With experience in the fundraising arena…Jesica not once, but twice…took the bull by the horns and started down the path to pull together, an incredible team of volunteers and angels. She solicited help from friends Tassie Alderliesten and Tammi Bitton, Alison Graff, Sarah Clouse & Haylee Bitton.

Jesica and her angels asked for donations from individuals and businesses. She brain stormed on a daily basis…some nights, losing sleep worrying about the fundraiser. But she persevered and came through with a beautiful and successful event once again. We are proud and commend her highly on her integrity, hard work and dedication...she is a true inspiration that anyone can do great things...if they set their minds and heart to it. Thank you Jesica...we love you and Kolin dearly and will always remember your incredible gift of friendship, love and support for Mailia…this we will always treasure!

Chuck Hall was an integral part in helping us get the word out about Mailia’s Miracle in the community with public service announcements. To be the Emcee and helping out at this year’s event…and all the advertising through his radio station 102.5 KORD...we wish to recognize and thank him so very much, for supporting Mailia and affording her future opportunities to come out to the station to “hang out” with him.

To the owners and incredible staff from Eagle Printing & Graphic Design, we owe them so much for their help and services. Chris Steel has been around this fundraising block…more times than I can count. But they too…have played such an instrumental part in helping Mailia’s Miracle touch the world. Chris is a wonderful and neat lady…she has a knack of knowing what to say to make your day a whole lot brighter. Her laugh is contagious…her light…is one of the brightest we have seen! Thank very much!

Web Master extraordinaire…Thomas Granbois…a dear soul who has built Mailia’s Miracle web site and blog…and assisted us from a technical standpoint…to you, we thank you are our angel! Mailia’s web site has been an important conduit to sharing information about Mailia’s condition, her incredible therapies and outcomes with thousands of other people around the world looking for help and answers…and will continue to afford us a means to reach out for help for Mailia…and others.

Mailia’s caregiver Ramona Torres…you know how much we love and value you and your wonderful family. Your taking Mailia’s care so personally…and to heart…treating her as one of your own, means the world to us too. We hope you will always know…how much you truly mean to us and how grateful we are for being a part of Mailia’s life.

To Lance Sawyer, the staff of O’Callahan’s and the Shilo Inn…Delbert Olson and staff of RDO Equipment, Kennewick Ranch and Home, D.J. Bob from Sight & Sound Services, Auctioneer Doug Swenson, The Entertainer Newspaper and KNDU, Randy Hickman and his counterparts at Twin City Metals, Jeff & Jill Rottinghaus, Austin Bitton, MaryLee & Charles Dawsey, June Robinson, and to everyone else who contributed wonderful auction items, helped organize and worked so very hard at this event, our friends, our incredible co-workers and our family that made time and sacrifices to come help and support Mailia…we thank you and appreciate you so very much!

In summarizing…Mailia’s spirit reflects she has so much more…to offer this world. As her parents we have a huge responsibility to her…to see to it that she has the best medical and spiritual assistance to make this life, a reality for her. We don’t have a choice…that is what we are supposed to do. And because of the generosity and support we have from all of you, it will help make it all possible.

We wish for all of you to cherish your loved ones and friends like there was no tomorrow and to live your lives to the fullest by continuing to help one another, and to be true to yourselves. We will post photos of the event up on Mailia's Miracle Facebook page here shortly.

We love you and humbly thank you. May God Bless you richly.

Max, Andrea and Mailía Goforth

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