Monday, October 10, 2011

Dr. Zannos Grekos & Regenocyte Clear Mailia for Second Adult Stem Cell Transplant

                              Mailia at Regenocyte May 2010

Today...the 10th of October, we set out to see Mailia's Dr. Nazar, her wonderful GP who has followed her care for the past 10 years now.  We were instructed by the folks at Regenocyte that Mailia needed to have some pre op blood work done prior to our trip to Florida and the D.R. so off to Dr. Nazar she goes, straight in to the phelbotomists lab this morning to do, exactly that. Oops, did I spill the beans or fail to mention that YES!...Mailia has a date with her hero, her favorite Cardiologist and Stem Cell doc and his wonderful staff in Florida THIS MONTH!!!!

One evening last month...we recieved a phone call from Dr. Zannos Grekos telling us it was time that Mailia be treated with another round of stem cells and that we should start planning this as soon as possible.  Nancy Trombino, who is Regenocyte's Director of Patient Services, arranged Mailia's procedures to coincide with the following dates:

Oct. 24th...Blood Draw at Regenocyte in Bonita Springs, Florida
Nov. 1st...Adult Stem Cell Transplant at Regenocyte in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

One thing Dr. Grekos mentioned to us is that this next procedure being done on Mailia would go a little differently.  It was his hope...that Mailia's next blood draw would be able to produce a more viable amount of stem cells, meaning instead of the 58,000 million stem cells delivered during her procedure in 2010, this year he wanted to see closer to 100,000 million stem cells produced from the lab in TelAviv Israel....almost double the amount of heart and lung adult stem cells!

It was also his wish to see the second half of the procedure, go a little differently than the last one.  Dr. Grekos wants to use a balloon catheter to hold the stem cells in place, long enough for them to actually "stick" and adhere well to the delicate walls of Mailia's lung vasculature.  The benefits of being able to do this now...this time around far out weigh the risks involved last time, for you see...Mailia's lung pressures were so very high last year and she was so very fragile, there was no way to do this then, for they would have lost her on the table. 

Now...Dr. Grekos believes with her 30% improvement from last year...she should be able to handle this well and come away with some huge gains...or let me rephrase that...better numbers where it concerns her pulmonary vascular resistance. 

He did, however...ask that we consider doing something before better prepare Mailia for another successful outcome.  I asked what that was...and to my amazement, he said the following:  I have a patient who is paraplegic from a spinal cord injury that I am treating with his Adult Stem Cells.  The patients mother and father are physical therapists and I would like for you to contact them and discuss what they are doing for their son.  The name of their organization is the Power of Breath dot org.  You can google it if you like and go from there but I really do think it would improve Mailia's overall results.

I thanked Dr. Grekos profusely and came away from this phone conversation so elated and happy for our precious Mailia and GRATEFUL...oh how thankful we are to everyone who has helped us and are continuing to help in so many ways.

My last day of work due to completing our proposal and my my present job would be September 30th, which is something I have no control over but see it as...perfect timing so as to give us 3 weeks to get Mailia ready for this huge trip. We are still short on our funding for Mailia's matter, we will figure it out...and TRUST and have FAITH in God and the universe, it will all work out, and we will continue steadfast to work as a team to get Mailia her Miracle. We HAVE to! So please everyone...we humbly ask...once more for your prayers and any contributions or creative resources on your part to make this Miracle happen for Mailia.

Thank you...all our love and gratitude now, and always.

The Goforth's

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