Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stem Cell Institute in Panama welcomes Mailia's Miracle for Treating Eisenmenger's Syndrome

So much has transpired in the Mailia's Miracle realm this past year and half...ever since she had her last sten cell treatment and follow up heart cath.  It is shared with great respect and gratitude our sharing the results of her medical and stem cell journey.

We started looking at options for Mailia’s next stem cell treatment and found that the researcher and biochemist responsible for Mailia’s first two stem cells had developed a new stem cell line, derived from a patient’s own blood similar to the first two she received in 2010 & 2011.

This new cell line is purported to be much better and more potent than the previous two she has had but we were told, before it can be used to treat any vascular conditions, it must go through clinical trials that are being scheduled in Lima, Peru.
We spoke with various clinics and doctors’ about Mailia trying stem cells derived from using her own bone marrow and adipose fat cells and it was recommended to us not to go that route at this time and to wait for the new cell line she has become accustomed to already.

We would have to wait until clinical trials were completed before she could be treated and this we found, would take time.
In our consult with Dr. Amit Patel at the University of Utah who is aware of the new stem cell line that is in the pipeline, we discussed the possibility of Mailia having to wait another year or longer to benefit from being considered for treatment once the clinical trials were completed.

We discussed a viable option to help tie Mailia over until that time. That we might consider taking her to Panama to the CellMedicine Institute to be treated with “Whartons Jelly”.  That it would be a much less invasive procedure for her than harvesting cells from her abdominal fat and bone marrow and a cost that we could live with.
The cells that are found in the Whartons Jelly are mesenchymal stem cells from donated human cord blood from healthy live births.  These cells can fix things basically at a much higher rate than cells churned out by bone marrow and fat harvest. (you may browse their web site & videos for this stem cell science).

The cells will be processed at a Stem Cell Production Laboratory here in Panama called MediStem Panama. (click on link to see video).

The delivery method will also be easier on Mailia…the mesenchymal cells will be delivered intravenously and as Dr. Patel told us…these cells will go directly into her lung vasculature and that is where we want them to go.
So this is where we are right now…en route to Panama City, Panama to test these new waters for Mailia and pray she will be successful with this newly offered treatment protocol for Eisenmenger's Syndrome and Pulmonary Hypertension.

We started our communication with the clinic in Panama three months ago, have done our best to discern the best dates and logistics surrounding this trip and could not have done it without the help, guidance, assistance and support from so many wonderful and blessed sources.
More posts and updates to follow.

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