Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mailia’s Miracle…A gift of conscious healing and cure for Eisenmenger’s Syndrome, Ventricular Septal Defect and Pulmonary Hypertension

This blog is dedicated to posting updates to Mailia’s Miracle, Adult Stem Cell Transplant and future surgical procedures and therapies.

It is with great anticipation to be afforded the opportunity to officially launch Mailia’s Miracle, a web site we could not have accomplished and brought to light without the incredible talent of a man who we wish to acknowledge upfront, Thomas Granbois.

We approached Thomas several months ago about an idea we had for starting a site for our daughter Mailia Goforth. We owe a great deal to Thomas for working with us in hopes that this site, and the technology presented us in the near future…will envelope the true essence of healing in bringing about a miracle not only for Mailia, but also for many others.

Our second wish is to throw out our gratitude in advance, and to acknowledge and thank all the doctors, researchers and advocates working hard to make a difference in the world for it is with their belief that being on the “cutting edge of medicine” that they will be able to shower the world with these incredible gifts of healing. Thank you Dr. Zannos Grekos and all your support staff both in Florida and the Dominican Republic. To Dr’s Randas Batista, Dr. Dunbar Ivy, Dr. Douglas King, Dr. Qayyum Nazar and Dr. Michael Black, you all have our utmost respect and sincere gratitude. Thank you Don Margolis, for giving Mailia’s Miracle a place on your Adult Stem Cell blog roll.

We also extend our heartfelt “gratitude” to our friends and family, to our co-workers and to all the wonderful people, “you know who you are”…who have stepped outside their comfort zones to afford Mailia true gifts from their souls. We also thank in advance, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Ellen, Letterman and Leno for affording Mailia a future venue, to someday share her story. (wink-wink)

Lastly it is our desire to maintain this web site for others who will follow, maybe baptized by fire as we were and looking for a miracle to save their life or the life of a loved one. It will be our way of giving back. Mailia is a pioneer among many…and through her journey, she will be healed through a beautiful miracle and become a great inspiration to many.

All our love, gratitude and blessings….The Goforth’s

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