Monday, September 7, 2009

Mailia's Miracle Benefit Car Washes

Mailia's caregiver, Ramona Torres has planned several car washes recently to benefit Mailia's Miracle. Two of which were held recently at Roberto's Taco's in Kennewick and Jessie's Window Tinting in Pasco. We were able to raise $1,000.00!!!

We wish to thank everyone that helped from providing the location's to also Radio Station 97.9 La KeBuena in Pasco, and to DJ Eduardo for announcing and promoting the car wash at these locations. To Albert from our Hispanic newspaper Tu Decides...thank you for advertising the car wash and to the following volunteers and helpers and to all who donated, including the wonderful gentleman from Hermiston who came by with a truckload of beautiful watermelons and gave us some for our tireless helpers that day...all our gratitude and blessings!

The generosity you have demonstrated to our Mailia is truly humbling. Thank you: Ramona, Crystal, Checo, Marcie, Michael, Mirna, Erica, Marta, Pablo, Anthony, 5, Naomi, Hermina, Lauri, Kerina, Chena, Edwardo, Grandma Janet & Papa John and of course Tom!

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